Adjustable Dial Vision Lens for Instant 20/20 Vision. No Prescription Needed.

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Flex Vision Core Features

A sleek & stylish pair of glasses for instant 20/20 vision without a prescription. Adjustable your focus to see in far or near distances anytime, anywhere!


Adjustable lens for changing the focus for near & far distances


Soft flexible frame featuring ergonomic, lightweight & comfortable wear


Super comfort nose pads


Dual adjustable dial vision


-6.00 to +3.00 lens grade

Crystal Clear Vision.
Anywhere, anytime.

Instead of spending hundreds on prescription glasses and optometrists appointment, you can save money and get the same effect with this cutting edge solution. Flex Vision is a pair of customizable focus-control glasses. You put on the glasses, then adjust the dial to control the magnification. You don't even need a prescription. Customize these amazing glasses so you're seeing a crystal clear 20/20 in just moments! You'll be able to see close up, far away, long distances, and more

Why Choose Flex Vision

For Near or Far-Sightedness

Developed by top optical scientists, our sliding lens technology lets you see up close, into the distance and all around you, with an incredible adjustment of between -6 and +3 Diopters. In two quick, simple steps, simply adjust each eye's dial until the included eye chart comes into focus and you're done.

One Pair For Any Task

There's nothing more annoying than having to carry around 3 pairs of glasses – for reading, driving and TV. With our cutting-edge optical technology, now you can carry one pair, and still get it all done.

Complete Control with Dial Vision

You can now get clear vision and focus without any prescription. Using the dial on the side of the glasses, you can change its focus to your comfortability.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

My vision is quite different between the right and left eyes. Prescription glasses do ok for distance but readers are not as good. These made a big difference after fiddling with the adjusting screws. Eye strain doesn't happen. Very in genius product.

Ken S.

These do the job for me. My left eye only needed a little help (about +0.5). My right eye needed medium help (about +2.5 or +3). I dialed these glasses in and now I can read the labels on my wife's vitamin bottles and other curved, hard to read containers.

Garry B.

Amazing!! My husband needs different specs for distance and near and yet another for working on plumbing and electrical projects and yet another for playing the piano. These are so amazing! He can adjust them to many different tasks & projects.

Daniel J.